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EHRflow Guide for New Users

  • EHRflow User Guide 14.0
  • Document Updated: Q4, 2015
  • If you are new to EHRflow, check out this guide on how to get started. EHRflow User Guide covers the basic functionality of EHRflow, including the use of the calendar, client management and clinic administration.

FAQ Page

The FAQ page covers questions on the security of your healthcare data, EHRflow support, EHRflow's latest features, data migration and the use of Adobe PDF Forms, including the Ontario and BC Antenatal forms, the Digital Imaging Requisition Form, the Lab Requisition Form, and Postpartum forms.

Setting Up Your Browser to Use PDF Forms in EHRflow

EHRflow Forms FAQ shows you how to set up your browser to work with EHRflow forms. Different browsers have slightly different setup procedures for setting up the Adobe Acrobat plugin. This guide will show you how to set up the Acrobat plugin for your specific system and browser.

Antenatal Forms – Tips & Tricks

The Antenatal Forms Tips & Tricks page covers some commonly used features of the Ontario antenatal form.

Saving a Digital Signature on a PDF Form

Instructions on how to save your digital signature for printing PDF Forms in EHRflow, including the Ontario Antenatal Form.

How We Calculate the Estimated Date of Birth and Gestational Age

Support Expectations

The Support Expectation page outlines service levels customers may reasonably expect from EHRflow Technical Support. This document is intended as a guide. This is not a replacement of the legal terms and conditions contained in the service contract.

Read more about EHRflow Technical Support here.

Browser Support Guide

The Browser Support Guide will help you determine which browsers will provide the best possible user experience while using EHRflow.

External Resources

Submit a Support Ticket

If you still have questions, suggestions or would like to report a bug report for EHRflow, please send us a message through the EHRflow Support Ticket System.