About EHRflow

EHRflow has been designed and developed by WorkAround Software Inc in consultation with several Ontario practices.

We have been working with clients across Ontario for a number of years assisting with the implementation of OSCAR and providing hosting, training and ongoing support. During this time we have developed an understanding of the unique issues faced by small healthcare businesses

We have designed EHRflow from the ground up to be a visually appealing, easy to use, free from the clutter of unessential features, truly web-based application.

Start-up costs: No start-up costs: With EHRFlow as with other web applications, simply create your account and start working, you’re charged a monthly fee for use of the service and that’s it! May have to purchase servers. Setup and installation fees. Additional fees levied for additional start-up services
Administration: No complicated administration Administering your servers requires experienced IT staff/consultants
Data Ownership: You always own your data. We will export your data if you decide to move to a different system. Accessing/moving your data may be complicated
Support: Basic support is included Support is an additional fee
Updates You are always running the most up-to-date version of the application, when new features and fixes are added your version is automatically updated Pay for one version of the application, updates are often extra