Roadmap & Updates

2020 and Beyond

November 31, 2016 - EHRflow Update

  • EDB Report has been updated to include the actual date of birth.
  • Birth Stats report has been updated with new columns: ITOC, ATOC and an updated description.
  • Improvements to the Birth Attendance Report.
  • Search on invoiced client report now includes clients even if no birth is logged.
  • EDB is now populating in search results.
  • OHIP number field now includes a mask that filters incorrect values.
  • Updates to the Birth record, removed decimal places on birth weight.

May 31, 2016 - EHRflow Update

Printing prescriptions
  • It was noted that clinic letterhead, provider name and number were not importing on the prescription. This has been fixed, full clinic and provider details are now correctly pulling and printing.
  • We have also added the college-mandated unique prescription number on the prescription form.
Editing Appointments
  • In some cases users were not able to properly type in a client name or select text on the appointment form to copy/paste or edit. This has been fixed, all the text on the appointment form can be highlighted for editing again.
Printing reports and exporting reports to PDF
  • In certain circumstances users were not able to print reports or export reports to PDF format. This has been fixed and reports can be printed and exported.
More details on this release are available in this newsletter.

Version (“Course of Care”)

Released March 18, 2016

The “Course of Care” Version is a major release of EHRflow with the addition of the course of care feature and improvements to point-in-time and audit functionality. Also included in this release are client feature requests and bug fixes.


Course of Care
  • client history is maintained separately from current data when a client returns for subsequent pregnancies
  • allows for ‘back in time’ scenarios, maintaining a complete record of historical courses of care and tracking new course of care with linked chart id
  • Significant changes have been made behind-the-scenes to support course of care tracking within EHRflow
Birth Form
  • New form contains details on newborn


  • Display audit information in appointment dialog box (user name, date and time)
  • Improved client selection in appointment dialog box
  • Added “Delete confirmation” dialog box to confirm appointment deletion
  • Increased height of the appointment type drop down
  • Improved date picker logic
  • Added filters to Invoice Reports to allow for more granular reporting
  • Added client and appointment length detail to Day Sheet
  • Updated Birth Attendance Report
Client Create and Edit
  • Eliminated duplicate chart numbers
  • Added Invoice Date to client form
  • “Not applicable” added to the list of provinces when entering health card information
Global Options
  • Added global date/time format
  • Added functionality to Enable/disable the ability for providers to delete appointments
  • Added functionality to Enable/disable the ability for providers to change CoC/Birth RolesOther
Other Features
  • Added provider role information to client name hover popup in active client and search results grids
  • Client labels – now export to pdf instead of displaying in the report tool to save one step in printing
  • Client Consent – added a new consent type for alternate contact: “leave messages”
  • Letter Create – recipient list can now be filtered by external provider or by client
  • Client Intake – added new unaccommodated reasons: “Miscarriage” and “In Care Elsewhere”
  • External Provider Create / Edit – added new specialty: “Nurse Practitioner”


  • Gestational Age stops incrementing after birth date of baby
  • Error messages have been replaced with more user-friendly version
  • When a prescription is viewed or updated, the original prescribing provider remains unchanged
  • Replaced primary provider with current user name on Standard Lab Requisition form
  • Client list in appointment updates immediately when new clients are created
  • Client list now updates immediately when changes are made to client demographic record
  • Calendar controls on reports now have the correct styles
  • Calendar controls on the EDB report page now handle leap years
  • Groupings/subheadings in reports have complete and accurate detail info
  • Full list of unaccommodated reasons available on intake form
  • Intake form status can now be changed from unaccommodated to approved or reviewed
  • Email notifications on new intake forms now delivered to admin users in all cases
  • The link to the client chart from the letters grid navigates to the correct chart page
  • ‘Mobile Phone’ replaced with ‘Cell Phone’ site-wide
  • When a client is created using a status other than active, and then the status is changed to active a course of care record is created
  • OGCT appointment type displays properly on the day sheet
  • When editing referrals external providers display properly

March 2016 - Look for our booth at the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference


November 2015 - CAM Conference in Montreal

September 2015 - Release 1.14

  • Reports: Additional reports added. Invoicing report, client list report, client labels form; client form letter, births attended as primary and backup; birth stats report
  • Ability to delete attachments
  • Ability to print standardized labels
  • Update patient intake form
  • Consent checklist to contact clients
  • Add middle name and alternative name to client forms

August 2015 - Release 1.13

  • Update to mailing labels
  • Users can upload own links to resources page
  • Data review of security table
  • Security testing
  • Created Signature Sheet Form

May 2015 - AOM Conference


December 2014 - Release 1.1.2

  • New layout of Chart for iPads
  • Forms: Updates to newborn postpartum record
  • Forms: Allow edit of PDF forms on iPad
  • Increase attachment filename length
  • Implement reader role access
  • Add action button for "Create Task" to Notes in client chart
  • Automated generation of tasks and patient follow-up tasks to a work queue
  • Ability to associated a task with a lab report or result
  • Ability to see notes and labs that have not been reviewed yet at a glance
  • In-app notifications
  • Changes to the BC Antenatal form
  • Email notifications to client when status changes to unaccommodated

July 2014 - Release 1.1.1

  • Updates to the chart
  • Updates to billing/invoicing
  • Update appointment statuses

July 2014 - Release 1.1.0

  • This release includes the concept of a clinic type, which will allow us to define features for different professions
  • This release also includes the first round of features for the Psychotherapist group.
  • Security changes for clinic type
  • Functionality for users to create standard consults and referral letter templates
  • Week and month view of the calendar

May 2014 - Release 1.0.7

  • Add client button added to dropdown menu
  • Forms: Updates to maternal postpartum form
  • Forms: Updates to newborn postpartum form
  • Forms: Updates to the antenatal form
  • Updates to tasks workflow
  • Created discharge summary report
  • Functionality to view work queue for other providers/administrators
  • Functionality to auto-generate tasks/ follow-up tasks to a work queue
  • Functionality for users to create tasks
  • Functionality to sort and filter based on status, priority, client
  • Functionality to be able to search using chart number
  • Add “creating a custom stamp” instructions to EHRflow resource tab

May 2014 - Release 1.0.6

  • New PDF form versioning
  • Added instructions on how to save signature in a PDF document
  • Signoff function for students
  • Generate consults with client demographic info
  • Photo uploader with image resize added

May 2014 - EHRflow is a vendor at the AOM Conference in May 2014.

April 2014 - Release 1.0.5

  • Client timeline updates
  • Implementing different encounter types (e.g. Appointment encounters)
  • Add option to create an appointment from the chart.
  • Forms: Added a standard diagnostic imaging (DI) requisition
  • Generate consults with client demographic info
  • New icons added to the timeline

March 2014 - Release 1.0.4

  • Security updates to PDF forms
  • Standardize all the back buttons
  • Improvements to tooltips throughout the site
  • Clinic fax and clinic email added to the clinic grid
  • Update Wait List portion of Intake Form
  • Additional fields populated from EHRflow to PDF forms
  • Add a main page for reports
  • PDFs now available on mobile devices (read access only)

March 2014 - Release 1.0.3

  • Standard email template for outgoing emails
  • Tooltips functionality
  • Wait list module
  • Add status to user profile
  • Visually highlight ‘abnormal’ lab results
  • Revised client grid
  • Double click in calendar day chooser opens new appointment form
  • Add clinic fax and clinic email fields
  • Visually indicate on timeline when patient record was created
  • Added options tab to top menu

February 2014 - Release 1.0.2

  • Forms: Maternal postpartum form added
  • Forms: Newborn postpartum form added
  • Updated support link in options
  • Updated medical history workflow
  • Allergies: change types and update grid
  • Alternate contact grid sorting
  • Added ability to add clinic start and end times
  • Revised search bar at top of screen
  • Functionality – make an appointment without a client (eg. Staff meetings or lunch)
  • Lab uploads workflow improvement
  • Required phone numbers workflow update
  • Display user name at top of screen
  • Add estimated due date to Active clients grid
  • Updates to metadata for attachments
  • Client contact updates
  • Client timeline updates
  • Update security roles for delete functionality

February 2014 - Release 1.0.1 HF 3

  • User registration feature updates
  • Update to user account confirmation email
  • User profile layout changes

January 2014 - Release 1.0.1 HF 1

  • Time zone support for calendar
  • Apply global dynamic security filter
  • Reports: Updates to Day Sheet report
  • Updates and fixes on notes grid
  • Calendar improvements
  • Resources tab added
  • Updates to PDF forms

January 2014 - Release 1.0.1

  • Handling duplicate health card numbers
  • Create ticket system for system bugs and improvements
  • Apply global dynamic security filter
  • Cosmetic updates to User Profile Page
  • Updates to workflow: standardizing redirects
  • Standardize paging across all grids
  • Reports: Updates to the Day Sheet report
  • Reports: Updates to the Active Clients report
  • Reports: export list filtered to pdf and excel formats only
  • Add “Student” to the list of roles
  • Added new options in family history for maternal/paternal grandmother/grandfather
  • Calendar improvements
  • Change session timeout to make it longer
  • Give admin role access to upload files


December 2013 - EHRflow v. 1.0

  • Add encounter type to note
  • Add User Form: cosmetic changes
  • Clinic setup
  • Updates to Security roles
  • Uploading Attachments
  • Reports: Unassigned labs report
  • Labs: updates to display format
  • Grids: delete buttons

November 2013 - EHRflow is a vendor at the CAM Conference in Ottawa


October 2012 - EHRflow Pilot

  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Display client name in schedule
  • Clients Grid
  • Client Chart
  • User administration
  • EHRflow reports: Active Client List
  • EHRflow reports: Day Sheet
  • Ontario Antenatal Form (PDF)
  • Alternate contacts
  • Standard report header and footer
  • Lab uploads – HL7 compatibility
  • Attachments/ document upload
  • Swipe card functionality
  • Style dropdown menu
  • Add a friendly error page